P.E.P. stands for 'The Perceptual Enrichment Programme'

Patricia Theisen (MS,OTR) is the researcher and creator of the Perceptual Enrichment Programme and has trained facilitators around the world including the USA, Europe and India. As a result of her research the programme began in 1982 and expanded while she was working as a perceptual specialist with an occupational therapy background at the California Pacific Medical Centre in San Francisco. The first people in the UK were trained by Patricia and have been facilitating PEP since 1996.

The Perceptual Enrichment Programme is an enjoyable springboard towards filling in educational gaps, creating new neural connections and gaining self-esteem. It is for children and adults alike who sense they are underachieving and 'could do better'. The Perceptual Enrichment Programme supports all stages of learning and is structured to suit the individual. Those who have completed their programme have become happier, more productive and better organised.


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