Problems with selective perception can limit processing skills especially where poor organisation and short-term memory are evident. People with poor organisational skills reflect an inability to organise their thoughts. An older student with limited perceptual development usually fares poorly and may give up in frustration. Intelligence is not a factor, in fact the brighter the student, the greater the frustration.

The Perceptual Enrichment Programme aims to activate new neural pathways, through visual, spatial and cognitive processing. It involves bilateral motor behaviour, integrating manipulative tasks and realising learning that would normally have taken place during the pre-operational stages of development. It retraces the early developmental process, supporting the growth of individual potential, enabling a person to relate objectively and recognise alternatives. Improving the student’s perceptual base makes it possible for them to bring new strategies to problem solving tasks. It assists in balancing the individual’s thinking approach to consider both the 'big picture' and the 'detail'.

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